Pumpkin Pie, the hacker hamster

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Pumpkin Pie, the hacker hamster Empty Pumpkin Pie, the hacker hamster

Post  Mad2Physicist on Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:57 am

First picture
Second picture
Third picture

Here are some pictures of Pumpkin Pie using the computer. He is a very friendly hammie, and when he is up if anyone is nearby, he will follow them around inside his courtyard hoping for attention and/or food. Also if he hears me at the refrigerator (which is right near his house) he comes running into his courtyard hoping it means a snack for him.
Actually between him, the rabbit, and the guinea pigs all thinking the refrigerator means a treat, it makes for a very interesting time whenever the door to it opens. The other morning, I barely made it out of the house in time after pacifying all the excitement!


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