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Post  Mad2Physicist on Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:08 am

A guinea pig belonging to my mother-in-law got a badly swollen foot today. The piggie in question is Almond, adopted a few months ago with Cashew and Hickory. Yesterday he had a very slightly swollen toe, but it did not appear sensitive to the touch. Today (yesterday I guess by now), however, the whole foot was swollen, with a large lump about the size of my knuckle. It appeared raw. The vet drained it, although it immediately swelled again.
Of course we got him over to our vet right away (fortunately our vet is open 24/7; twice we had to take our bun in and once our hamster during abnormal hours), and he is now on a regimen of hot compresses and antibiotics. However, I don't understand what could have caused this. They are kept on aspen shavings, no rough surfaces to walk on (except one small 'bridge' that is wire). Has anyone else had this sort of problem with their pigs before?


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Swollen foot Empty Re: Swollen foot

Post  Rachel on Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:37 pm

The only foot issues I hear about mainly in guinea pig is bumblefoot. But it doesn't sound like bumblefoot at all. It seems like an infection to me.
Years back we did have a rat that has a tumor on her foot. It seemed like an unlikely place for a tumor. It did have the round, growthlike appearance to it though. We did have it removed for her.
We also had a turtle that had a diseased toe that was causing swelling in her entire foot. Our vet said the toe was diseased with Cancer. The cancer was benign but removing the toe made her foot all better.
ALl I have dealt with on guinea pig's feet are corns and guinea pigs coming in with grossly long nails.
Has anything helped Almond at all? Is he still having trouble?


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