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Hey Everyone! Empty Hey Everyone!

Post  momofmany on Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:45 am

Hey everyone! My user name says it all, lol, I'm a stay at home mom to many--both human and critter children! Very Happy

I have:

6 human children (5 boys & 1 girl but not in that order; ages 17-2 years old)

3 dogs

9 indoor cats

3 male ferrets

3 rabbits

All of our animals except for 3 cats joined our family from different shelters, unwanted situations, or were found. The 3 cats were free kittens (that are really never, ever free lol). It's sad to say how many animals in this world are in such unfortunate situations.

Two of our 3 rabbits were just adopted from Life Long Tails this past week! We are so grateful to have been able to bring them into our family. Very Happy They seem to be nervous still, but I believe they are adjusting well. I even received some licks and a short grooming session from Pizzazz! I was flattered! bounce

The bunnies came to us with the names Pizzazz & Cashew, but my daughter wants to rename them and has come up with "Poodle" and "Prince", lol. Not the names I would have selected, but oh well. Rolling Eyes

It was a complete pleasure meeting Rachel and seeing her Rescue Shelter setup. She is very organized and we were so impressed with all the habitats she provides the animals in her care. They seem very well taken care of and she obviously puts her heart into it!

I wouldn't mind helping out by being fostering for Life Long Tails, but unfortunately I live quite a distance from her.

Well, thanks for the forum, I think it is a wonderful idea! I look forward to meeting everyone. Smile


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Hey Everyone! Empty princes and poodles

Post  Rachel on Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:41 pm

I am so thrilled to hear from you! Very Happy
I have been thinking everyday about you and Vinny and Pizzazz and Cashew. I tired calling one day while I was on break at work , but we didn't connect, seems like that happens a lot with us. Maybe leaving messages online will work out better.
Pizzazz liked me okay, but sh enever licked or groomed me, I am jealous. Is Cashew still nervous? He is a more active bun, he loves to run and dash aruond more than Pizzazz does. Do they still love each other? How is Vinny taking his new bunny live -ins? Was/is he upset at all? Has he shown any interest in bonding?
I know which one is Prince and which one is Poodle. At quick glance, Pizzazz does look like a mini poodle.


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