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Post  bunnyloverof2 on Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:43 am

Hello my name is Lisa and I adopted 3 ratties from Rachel. There names are Piglet, Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger I have owned rats for 12 years. I also have a neterland dwarf bunny named Hunny, a Mini Lop named Ella that I adopted, a Yellow lab named Bailey Ann and 4 for belly toads. My Lab loves all my small animals and believe it or not was trained to be out with all of them. The rabbits respect her but sometimes chase her around lol. The Rabbits and rats get along great. It is so sweet to see a big lab and ratties and rabbits all be out at the same time. I must say that I have never seen a big dog be so gentle with such small animals. she is definitly one of a kind. I think she thinks that she is there mother. I would love to hear if anyone else has a big dog that can be out with small animals and be trusted. I didnt train her until she was 1 to respect small animals. It didnt take long for her not to chase and be able to eat and sleep on the couch with her little friends.

Lisa and her furry family.. I also have 3 boys
Tyler 11
Nick 8
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Post  Rachel on Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:04 pm

Hi Lisa I am so glad you have joined cheers I wsh I could help you with the dog scenario, but as you know we are a family without any dogs. We do not trust the cats with the birds or smaller pets like the hamsters , gerbils or rats. When they are out of their cage, the cats must be in a separate room. I am even very careful with the cats and guinea pigs and rabbits as well. As much as the cats are used to these pets in the house, they do still have their natural instincts. Same goes for the ferrets, they are predators just like cats. When ferrets are out, all other small pets are to be secured in their cages and ferrets are supervised at all times. You just have to be diligent about keeping everyone safe. But, it is possible to have a happy home with predator and prey animals together, just accomodate, supervise and be alert and careful at all times.
Thanks for joining us!


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