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Post  Rachel on Mon May 05, 2008 11:14 pm

Bandit is a ferret that we rescued over two years ago. When he arrived here ( owner couldn't care for him anymore) he was in a tiny cage with levels but no ramps for him to get to the levels, he literally had to do a chin up and pull up to get himself up onto a level. Even with the extra levels , the cage was way too small for him. He was eating cat food that looked like really cheap stuff, probably kit n kaboodle or Nine Lives, no matter what, cat food is not meant to be ferret food. But most of all, ferret bot was five years old and he had no fur all along his back and on his tail.. in my heart I knew he had adrenal disease. We didn't have as many generous donations a couple years ago, we didn't have the enormous supply of extra cages for the rescues like we do now. I immediately set off to buy Bandit a better and LARGER cage, I got him the Super Pet multi-level deluxe ferret mansion , it is taller than I am. I got him in to see Dr.T ASAP, and my fears were correct, his fur loss was due to adrenal disease. We talked about options, the temporary fix being luprin shots and the permanent fix being surgery. We decided for the surgery, although Dr.T gave him one luprin shot for relief. We fund raised to be able help cover the costs of Bandit's surgery. We made a flyer with Bandit's photo and story , and we did get a wonderful response and raised almost enough to cover the entire bill cheers Surgery day, Bandit did wonderful, His bad adrenal gland was removed and he healed up nicely in a few weeks time. And better yet he started regrowing fur all along his back and he perked up. We then decided to place him up for adoption.. but in the meantime he started having "fits" he'd start pawing at his mouth and drooling then go limp, I was so worried about Bandit. I rushed him in and then learned from Dr.T about Insulinoma ( a tumor on the pancreas) it drops the sugar levels in a ferret's body. I learned he could go into siezures or acoma during an episode. We keep kayo syrup handy in case of a bad attack or onset. It's sad that surgery is much too difficult for insulinoma and most of the time tumors on the pancreas reappear anyway, very quickly. Bandit was placed on prednisone to help him feel better and we decided to not adopt him out, we would keep him comfortable for his remaining life. That was two years ago, although he still has insulinoma, on prednisone and he never did grow the fur back on his tail he is still doing okay. Yes, he is slower, sleeps more often and is "frailer" he still enjoys his food and ferret tone, uses his litter box and loves to spend time with his Daddy ( husband, Ray) He is a senior ferret now that he is over 7 years old, and despite the odds and all his health problems I am so happy he is still with us, we love our little man.
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